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Magnetic Separating Plant

Magnetic Separating Plant


Configuration:Jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, concentrator and dryer.

Magnetic separation makes use of magnetic differences between minerals to separate material, which occupies a very important position in iron ore separation field. Magnetic separating plant has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and high ore dressing index.

 Especially for the separation of magnetite ore, magnetic separation is almost the only ore dressing method. Reasonable magnetic plant, magnetic separation process and magnetic separation equipment are very important for the separation of iron ore.

Iron Ore Magnetic Separation Plant

Applications and Ore Grade of Magnetic Separating Plant:

Magnetic separation is mainly used for processing magnetic minerals with good magnetic conductivity. The ore dressing of coarse, medium and fine iron ore has the corresponding magnetic separation equipment, and the beneficiation results can also be realized based on the actual situations of mineral processing process and different equipment designs. In general, for processing all kinds of magnetite, with the reasonable magnetic separation process and scientific configuration, the concentrate grade can reach above 63%, and the recovery rate of ore dressing index is above 95%.

Process and Structure of Magnetic Plant:

Magnetic plant or magnetic separation process is mainly used for separation of magnetic minerals, which includes dry and wet magnetic separation process. The equipment used in iron ore magnetic separation plant mainly includes crusher, vibrating screen, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, tailings recovery machine, etc.

The Application in Manganese Ore Beneficiation Process:

Magnetic separation is the preferred ore dressing method for manganese ore. Manganese ore belongs to the weak magnetic minerals, which should be separated by magnetic separator with strong magnetic field. According to the current separation situation of manganese ore, using the coarse particles magnetic separation for pre enrichment has a broad development prospect. According to the practice of manganese industry, the coarse particle level refers to the ore particle which is greater than 5mm. Therefore, adopting the strong magnetic separation of coarse grains as the rough separation of manganese ore is an effective and simple measure.

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